February Photos

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Photos: Peaches

I just picked about 10 gallons of peaches from our tree.

Don't they look good?

Mmmmm; they are good.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Photos: Larry Gets Internet Dish Hooked Up; Kurt and Victoria's House

Good grief, he had his scissor lift at the top of its reach -- 40 feet -- and then he put a step ladder in the cage, leaned it against the tower, and shinnied up a few rungs!  :-O

He assures me that he clambers around on high, precarious perches all day, every day, at his job.  

So now I feel better.

Don't I??!!

Do I??????!!

Teensy loves napping on any of Larry's equipment, four-wheelers, lawn tractors, etc.  Here he comes to greet me, stretching the nap-kinks out as he comes.

Hummm, what's that up there?

This takes a bit of investigation...

Hey, whateryou laughin' at?!

How embarrassin'; she caught me on camera.

Kurt and Victoria's house

Garage in the back





Living room
In the box is a new recliner from Nebraska Furniture Mart in Omaha, just purchased today.

Dining room
Built-in hutch in background

Master bedroom
There are two bedrooms and two bathrooms upstairs.

Bedroom in basement

There are even kitchen and half-bath downstairs.  Well, maybe more of a quarter-bath. 

Garage in back

Monday, July 25, 2016

Photos: Tower Going Up, Monarch Caterpillar, and Cats

Tonight Larry brought home the boom truck he drives for Walkers, in order to put up the next 20' section of tower for our Internet dish.

Boom controls

Opening up the boom


Monarch caterpillar's shed skin.  A monarch caterpillar sheds its skin five times in just two weeks.

Monarch caterpillar chowing down on a milkweed leaf -- its sole source of food.

Meanwhile, the boom is nearly extended,

... and Larry has attached straps to the top of tower section 2.

Monarch caterpillar peeking over the top of a milkweed leaf

Tall phlox

Larry in scissor lift

Tabby peering out the patio door

Teddy, having heard what his father was up to (literally), has come to help.


Tiger and Tabby.
Cameras make both of these cats nervous.  

Tabby comes and checks out the camera...


...while Tiger skedaddles for higher ground.

See the Internet dish in the background, atop a pole on the house?  That's as high as the pole will extend -- and it's not high enough to get a good signal over the trees.

Bolting the two tower sections together.

Looking down on the lower deck from my viewpoint on the upper deck, which is just off the unfinished new bedroom.

The scissor lift rises to 40 feet -- right to the top of the tower.

Purple coneflower

Monarch caterpillar still munching away


He'll soon be 19 years old... but he still scampers around like a kitten now and then.

Tiger -- he makes at least three of little Tabby.