February Photos

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Baby Robin, Young Squirrel, and Larry Rototilling

Waiting patiently for his mother...

It's a windy day

Is that my Ma?

Or did she go over there?


Hey!  What's that in the window?

Maybe nothing to worry about...

... I hope...

Oh!  Are you my mother?

Nope, you're too red.  You're a male Northern cardinal!

Well, then, are you my mother??

Nope, you're too blue.  You're a blue jay!

Male house finch looking at a young squirrel on the deck.

Itchy itchy...



Here comes the squirrel again...

Just look at him squirreling around down there.

Back to preening...

Preen preen preen...

Tucking the foot back up...

Meanwhile, Baby Robin sits on... and on... and on...


Mommy?!  Mommy???

Where ARE you???

Over there, maybe.

Or over there.

Was that her??

Or was that??

OH!!!  Yes!!!  I do believe ---------

It IS!!!  Mommy!  Mommy!  Mommy!

Son, you must always be wary of cameras in the window!

At the suet feeder...

Baby flaps in anticipation...
(or maybe to 'help' Mother stay perched by FTA [Flap Transferal Assistance])

Look at that!  Now there are two robins at the suet feeder!

It isn't easy, though, when you are built for ground-hopping and worm-pulling.

Judging by the interaction between adults and baby, these are mates, parents of the baby robin.

Bringing home the bacon...

Food for Baby -- but Baby has followed his other parent off to a nearby tree.

Bird feeder bandit

Spinning back to the deck rail...

But he's still a very young youngster, and isn't quite adept at it.  Scrambling...

And he makes it!

Nom nom nom nom nom

Coral bells -- one of Nebraska's wildflowers

Peonies at the back retaining wall

Strawberry blossom in Victoria's garden

Baby tomatoes

Buds on the pepper plant



Spirea.  It's a very large bush now, several feet above my head; but it was just a small plant a few inches high when Bobby and Hannah gave it to me for Mother's Day a few years ago.


Larry rototilling the front yard in preparation for new grass seed.