February Photos

Monday, November 30, 2015

Squirrel in the Snow

It takes a lot more work to track down food in the snow, even when it's set right out for you in a feeder (never mind the fact that it's a bird feeder).

"Are you my friend?"

A lonesome maple leaf

Thursday, November 26, 2015

A Snowy Thanksgiving Day

After meeting for a short service with singing, instrumental playing, and reading at church, we had our Thanksgiving Dinner at our friend Tom Tucker's big building where he works on and sells campers, since our new Fellowship Hall and school are still under construction.

Looking down on the main room from the balconey.

One of the upstairs rooms.

Since it's a camper sales business, of course Tom would have a little tent camper toy for the toddlers to play in. One problem: there was a ‘lip’ at the bottom of the doorsill that the little ones never noticed. So when they wanted to exit, they fell out. When they wanted to enter, they tumbled in. None of them seemed to mind, though. Ker-plop, out they tripped. Ker-plunk, in they fell. In and out, in and out, ker-plop, ker-plunk, ker-splat.

After the dinner, we drove by our new school and Fellowship Hall.

The snowy streets of town...

...and country...

Canada geese

Snow geese

Walk bridge over west end of Lake Babcock

Loup Park

Hundreds -- maybe thousands -- of waterfowl on Lakes Babcock and North