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Monday, June 12, 2017

Photos: Finches, Sparrows, Lilies, Clematis, and Roses

Male house finches

Young English sparrow fledglings lunching on the peanut-butter suet.

'Glom-glom-glom..' It's sticky stuff! But mmmmm, good....

Here's Papa Finch trying to get a nice crop-full of nyjer seeds for his youngsters -- and this pushy fledgling has landed right on the same perch beside him, demanding food NOW.

Finches and other small birds particularly like the black oil sunflower seeds. The striped seeds are harder for them to crack.

Young house finch

Looks like Nest #2 of baby starlings has hatched!

Clematis. There's a wild grape vine that insists on growing up with the clematis. I pull it... clip it... cut it down... pull it out by the roots... but year after year, it persists. See the grape leaf, just above the fading flower, top right?

Old-fashioned roses, grown from a root from my mother's rosebush, which was started from a clipping of *her* mother's rosebush in North Dakota. I have about six fairly large rosebushes now, from that one root.

Victoria's miniature white rose. She intends to come get it one of these days.

Hostas and Autumn Joy sedum

Old-fashioned rosebush

Star-gazer lilies

West side of our house

Larry's Chevy truck (and yes, it has a Cummins diesel motor) (of course) and my Jeep Commander.

Wild prairie roses

Teensy, peering out the front door

He's begging -- not to get out; I offered. No, he wanted *me* to come *in*! 😁

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